Enjoy expeditions, hikes, horseback trails, waterfalls, and natural events like whale watching and turtle nesting with our guided tours.


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Experience The Wild Coasts of Panama

The Wild Southern Coast of the Azuero Peninsula of Panama is one of the most uniquely diverse regions of the world due to its exposed coastline and deciduous tropical forests. The rocky shoreline hosts natural cave structures, hidden beaches, and immense tide pools home to a wide array of tropical flora and fauna, some which are endemic to the area.

The exposure to the open Pacific and its currents bring some of the best fishing in the world and spectacular natural events like whale migrations and turtle nesting. In addition, the position of the Southern Azuero coast makes it one of the best areas in the region for water sports like surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and diving. 


The seasonal tropical dry forest of the Azuero is full of hidden streams and waterfalls which provide endless opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, birdwatching, and exploration. 


Let us be your guide to the natural beauty of this area in a safe, comfortable, way that supports our local communities. Let's adventure together!


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