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Azuero Adventures was founded from a place of appreciation for the wild pacific landscapes of Panama. A desire to share the natural beauty of the Azuero Peninsula and the deeply rooted culture of its people is at our core. Our goal is to create a sustainable and equitable economy around tourism to conserve the wildness of our area and generate opportunities for the local community. By doing so we hope to empower our collaborators to grow in their areas of expertise and together, curate authentic experiences for our guests.




Bryan Goldner

A Panamanian born Biologist and Naturalist with a passion for sharing his knowledge of the jungle. His unique form of interpretation and storytelling seeks to foster a connection with nature and inspire wonder and curiosity in guests. His deep respect for the local community and their experience has cultivated the connections we've made with our collaborators.

Serving on the Board of Directors for ProEco Azuero, a non profit whose focus is habitat restoration, and environmental education, he is dedicated to the conservation of the area. In his free time he loves to surf, free-dive, horseback ride and hike.


Alessa Stabile

Raised in Panama Alessa spent much of her childhood visiting rural communities in remote and beautiful locations throughout the country. Her experiences inspired her to pursue a Masters degree in Social and Ecological Sustainability in order to make a career out of creating positive change in our society.

Alessa uses her knowledge and skills to drive sustainability initiatives for Azuero Adventures. She is currently spearheading the formation of the Cambutal Tourism Board in order to bring more focus and opportunities to the area. In her free time she loves working in the garden, surfing, hiking and hanging out with their pups.



Kevin Solis

Kevin is a Cambutal local, our lead horse guide, and team rider. Kevin has been riding and training horses since childhood,  competing regionally in rodeo and lasso tournaments. His knowledge of local flora and fauna, trail navigation, and horse management are essential to the team. On his free time Kevin likes to fish, trail ride, surf, and play soccer.

Claudio and Claudio Jr. Almendras

This father and son team manage our boat transport for all ocean expeditions. With a long family history navigating the intricate Southern Azuero coastline, these two captains get us in and out of remote beaches with a style unique to themselves. When they are not driving "pangas", the traditional boat design of this area, they are managing their small off-grid family farm.

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