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Sunrise Horseback Ride

Experience a unique ride over a hillside trail and through a canopy covered river system. We'll pick you up at your hotel bright and early so that we can catch a glimpse of the sunrise sky and beautiful views from the hillside trail. By the time the sun gets hotter, we'll be in the covered river trail enjoying the trees over head. This is a great ride for birdwatchers as we often see Green Macaws and other tropical birds on the ride. This is a seasonal ride only available from January through June. 

Sunset Beach Horseback Ride

Experience a unique ride along the remote beaches of Panama's Pacific coast. Our sunset rides are one of the best ways to enjoy the wild coastline of Cambutal with spectacular views of Los Buzos Bay. 

Backcountry Horseback Ride

Ride along the beach before turning up through rolling hills with scenic overlooks to a mystic archeological site. Ancient indigenous petroglyphs tell a unique story of the countryside and overlook the valley below. 

Whats Included:
  • Transport to and from your hotel for the start of your horseback adventure.

  • All necessary gear and horses will be provided.

  • Our expert guides will take you along a planned route for a fun, safe, and unique riding experience. 

What to Bring:
  • We recommend our guests wear sunscreen, long pants, a hat, and comfy shoes to ensure a more comfortable riding adventure. 

  • A canteen or a reusable water bottle. 

NOTE: We do not allow cantering or galloping on our group rides for safety purposes. If you're an experienced rider, please let us know and we can coordinate a private ride. ​

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